The Shuroo Process () Fecha de Estreno: November 24th, 2021
Duración de la Película: 1 hr. 34 min.
Director: Emrhys Cooper
Géneros: Comedy, Drama
Protagonizando: Fiona Dourif, Donal Brophy, Tommy Dorfman, Brad Dourif
When a NYC journalist's life crashes and burns, she becomes infatuated with a celebrity guru, and begins a wild journey of love and grand larceny. Running from her past, Parker Schafer, hits rock bottom. Her longtime boyfriend dumps her and returns to his ex-wife. In a drug fueled downward spiral, she blows up her career and reputation in a spectacular act of self-sabotage, giving her best friend and boss no choice but to fire her. With nothing to lose, Parker reluctantly tries a remote wellness retreat with the famed Guru Shuroo. Over three days, a diverse group of unlikely characters are brought together through Shuroo's process: digital detox, meditation, gas lighting, mescaline trips… fraud!
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